Can't add images. the project can't save!

It seems that this issue re-appeared.
My project can’t save even after I restart the Desktop App or open the Browser App.
I tried saving it locally and importing it into the browser app but I receive “Image import failed” and the project will not be imported.
From what I can see is that there is an issue with saving images and updating the project. I can see all the design in “Presentation View” but not the images.


Same problem here, when I add an image, the project is not synced up and I get these warnings. Both for Desktop and web version of Figma. If I remove the image, no problem at all, strange but annoying!

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Same issue

  1. Import image
  2. Project doesn’t save

When force closing and opening, the image is gone.

To add: the image is also not visible in Presenter mode.

We are currently experiencing a service disruption. Our team is on it and will be providing updates via

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