Cannot tab through login/create prompt

It’d be great if I could tab through the login/create prompt. For some reason you do not allow me to do that and instead send me to the address bar when I tab around. Try to fix that as your UX is bad which is odd considering this is a company that designs user interfaces.

@peter49 I’m not able to replicate this behavior – I’m able to use tab to jump to the next section of the login/registration form in multiple browsers (and the desktop app, since it forwards you to your default browser) when hitting the tab button.

What browser are you using? Do you have any extensions or any type of modified keystrokes that could be causing this on your end?

this was on safari 16.6 on ventura 13.5.2 on the m1. This might have been a one off as I can’t produce it either. So close as your discretion.

Steps were

  1. From email
  2. View invite link to view
  3. Attempt to create account
  4. See poor tab behaviour