Cannot switch variant state in conditional prototyping

Hi Guys,

I’m kinda stuck here in this situation where I have added conditional prototyping to a variant with two states.
Imagine a variant called “Variant 1” with two states “Item default” and “item selected”.
And I have a boolean variable defined for another layer, just show/hide values.

So I’m writing the following condition:
On clicking the “Variant 1”
if boolean = false
do something
change the state of “Variant 1” to “Item selected”
do something
change the state of “Variant 1” to “Item default”

But here, on the ELSE condition, whatever values I’m selecting for the variant’s state change, it automatically applies the same in the IF statement. i.e., I cannot select different values.

Any idea why this is happening?

Attached screenshot of my condition.

Hi @Rahul_S1

It is a known bug, which have not been patch yet, and you’re not the only one experiencing it ( Trouble with Figma's Conditional Interactions - 'Change To' Action - #9 by AndreiNistor )

Thanks for the Info @Haroll !