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Cannot restore a local file

How to restore the file I deleted from Library?
I created a Library and moved a file to the library, then I deleted the library.
However, forgot to save a local Fig. file, so there’s no local file that can be restored, and I didn’t find any figma file on the deleted panel.

Please help, I lost 2 days of works…

You probably mean a Project, not a Library. There is no way to restore deleted projects and files in them.

As the picture, I deleted the Library(the arrow pointed at) and I lost the file(BistroMap) as well.

So there’s no way to restore? Completely?

This is not a library, this is called a Project. Yes, there is no way to restore it (I have no clue why).

Oh… okei…
Thanks for your help. QQ

When you delete a team, all files are transferred to Deleted and you will receive a letter with information and a link to restore the team to your e-mail.