Can we please add prototyping information in REST API responses?

This has been requested multiple times and I think it’s fairly obvious why; sending prototyping information in the response for a file’s structure would enable developers to create far more dynamic and interactive applications.

transitionNodeID, transitionDuration, and transitionEasing are really not enough in the majority of cases where people need a representation of a node’s prototyping information.

Below are some excerpts from the threads people have made in the past requesting this feature.

“The company I work for develops a low-code platform that facilitates the creation of cross-platform apps (Android, iOS, Web) … I’m particularly interested in expressions, actions, and conditionals because they allow us to incorporate the programmed logic from the design file directly into the source code of the final application”
Get Variables expressions, actions and conditions via REST API

“SO my question is are there plans to include the prototyping information in the REST API?”
“This piece of API would be crucial, and supposedly also a really small tasks. According to the previous discussion it has been on the backlog since 2018.”
Prototyping information is missing from the REST API - #5 by Olavi_Lintumaki

^ The spectrum chat linked in this thread 404s now, but previously showed a discussion involving a developer at Figma which is what the “it has been on backlog since 2018” comment is referencing.

"We have an automated workflow from design → dev implementation that we’re trying to automate even further. One of the things we currently have to hardcode in the dev side is the states (&hover, and so on) which is already represented in Figma by “prototypes”. "
Get state-based prototype information for components?


Can we at least get some kind of an update, or reasoning why we can’t see prototype info in the rest calls? All I want is the same action data I can get when making a plugin (click goes to node id 23-23)

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