Get Variables expressions, actions and conditions via REST API

Variables and Variables Collections are currently in open beta for Enterprise accounts in the Figma REST API | Variables.

However, at present, the Figma REST API does not provide information about Variable usage in prototypes. Is there any plan to include information about expressions, actions, and conditionals as part of GET/v1/files/:key entrypoint response?

If there were a way to retrieve this information, it would be extremely valuable for the project I am currently working on.

Thanks in advance.-

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This is a feature I thought would came with the feature from the get-go, I really would like this to be on the next updates since it would prove useful to further developments.

Thanks for bringing this up! What would exposing variable expressions and conditionals in the REST API enable you to do in your application that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise?

Thank you very much for your interest!

The company I work for develops a low-code platform that facilitates the creation of cross-platform apps (Android, iOS, Web). We have successfully integrated Figma to automatically generate the front-end based on designs created by designers.

If you would like to take a look, here is our documentation: GeneXus Wiki | Design Import tool

I’m particularly interested in expressions, actions, and conditionals because they allow us to incorporate the programmed logic from the design file directly into the source code of the final application, thereby saving development time.