Can we make a copy of a figjam for each student in google classroom?

Hi there,
I’m interested in using FigJam, but I have some colleagues who make copies for students of a jamboard on google classroom. When I put a copy of a FigJam in classroom, I don’t see make a copy for each student as an option. That feature is a real deal breaker for some of my colleagues. I would have liked it for the Frayer model that they featured… Is it possible to add it? Thanks!

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Hi Mrs_Narcisi_Stewart,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback! At this moment, it’s not possible to create in one go several copies, but you can duplicate manually your FigJam template, then share these copies (different url link) one by one to your students.
In the open file, you can duplicate a file to make a copy when viewing the file in the editor. Click file name to open the file menu and select Duplicate.
Figma will create a copy of the file based on your access and the original file’s location.

Is this something that is being worked on? It’s incredibly absurd to expect a teacher to make an individual assignment for every single student.

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Hi Kelly! I can’t guarantee this will be implemented nor share an ETA for it but I’m happy to give it some more visibility. Thank you!

This feature is CRUCIAL for teachers. Especially finding out that Jamboard will be gone soon. I will not be able to use FigJam if this is not possible to integrate with Google Classroom with a ‘copy for individual’ feature. Thank you for your consideration.

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Agreed! While group assignments are nice, there are times we really need to be able to see what a student can do on their own. And making individual copies manually, then sharing each link manually is something that has stopped me from using FigJam more extensively in all of my classes.

@Tracy_Mulligan perhaps similar to a FigJam file, we could simply add /duplicate to the end of the url and then share that url including “/duplicate” so that each Figma user would effectively have their own private copy?