Can no longer open fig files

This is the second Figma project I have worked on and has no issues with the past one; but now I got a new Figma project, and when I opened Figma, it wanted to do an update - I select to do so, but I’m not sure if it did anything, it just seemed to close Figma and that was about it.

But when I open it and then try and open anything at all, it attempts to open, but then immediately closes it.

So I uninstalled it and then rerun the old setup file, and sometimes I can get projects to open, but only if they are “view only” - importing fig files and trying to open them won’t work. When I try, it loads them into the menubar, but when you click on it to open it, nothing happens.

I am still on Windows 7 - but I had no issues previously before this new update may has messed everything up.

Please advise.


Win7 is not a supported OS so there are no guarantees Figma would work on it.

Would be nice if it told you that before it attempted to install the software.

Either way, the last version seemed to work fine, it just stopped working with respect to what I mentioned in my initial post.

Why does the old version no longer work now? Did the new version mess something up?

I’ll try and use the web version.