Can I use boolean property prototyping?

Hello!! I would like to know if I can use the boolean property functionality in prototyping?

I need the left side menu in the preview of my dashboard to change depending on the button clicked, but I don’t want to duplicate screens.

Can somebody help me?

Hi @Goncalo_Fortes

As explain on the documentation:

Prototyping noodles must connect between two objects. If you connect two components and consolidate them using boolean properties, the prototyping connections will be lost.

I’ve just figured it out… you can use multiple interactive Booleans (hover and click states) in multi-variant Components. The hover bit is easy…
However, for click states - wrap the button you want to use (to invoke a change in layout), in an auto-layout frame within your master component.
I found that this works a charm (for example - on expand / collapse UI, using a hamburger button within a Header bar)…

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