Can I use a background color in my main component that doesn't export in instances?

Hello friends, I have a lot of components that always need a transparent background when using their instances. However, not adding a fill to the main component results in me not being able to visualize the dimensions of the main components without clicking on each component to select it so the purple bounding box shows up.

Is there a way that I can give all my components a background fill to allow me to visually see the dimensions of them all without selecting each of them, but also be transparent when I use the instances on my design?

Did you try the outline mode → press Shift+O
It might do the job :wink:

Thanks Stephane, I hadn’t tried that. But I can use this for now.
However it feels like a less elegant solution. One thing Sketch did well was give the symbols their own Artboard (which for Figma would be frame) and they have two options to control whether to include background in export and instances. I felt Figma would definitely have something like this in it.

you can propose this as an idea… Maybe it has already been proposed, look in the ideas section → Share an idea - Figma Community Forum

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