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Can anyone help me with an animation. im quite stuck/ thanks

Id like to animate a drawer coming in from the right hand side of the screen when you click a button. so far, all i can get it to do is fade in. any help wold be greatly appreciated. thanks

I made the navigation drawer animation both with and without interactive components. Feel free to duplicate the file.

Design File:

Built on interactive components.

Navigation Drawer as Overlay. Without the use of interactive components.

thankyou, tank666. much appreciated.

Thanks for the reply but this did not solve my issue. The design in your examples is different and did not solve the problem for me of wanting to have an icon dynamically change when clicked, but also having the click trigger a modal overlay. Also, it doesn’t solve the issue which is that even if I use two different interactions on the same element, it doesn’t work. I used on click and on mouse up, but only one works. That seems like a bug to me. If needed I can try to share a basic wireframe to illustrate my desired design and functionality. EDIT: sorry for some reason I thought this was my ticket because I clicked a link in an email I got a reply from. I will add this comment to my own ticket in reply.