Bulk upload, remove background, and adjust image layout

We add somewhere between 5-20 new product SKUs each month. Each SKU has a unique product image or thumbnail. Each image from the various MFRs are a different format.

What’s the best way to automate this process and create a workflow to:

  1. Bulk upload/add multiple images
  2. Remove the background from all images
  3. Auto-crop all images (similar to @Mike_Gowen’s app called Autocrop)
  4. Resize all images to a height of 900px (scaling width to proportion) and upscale any images if needed
  5. Center (vertically and horizontally) all images to a Frame of 1000x1000
  6. Export all images as .jpg file with a certain title (relative to the respective image filenames.)

We used to use Fiverr for this workflow but I’d like to speed things up and completely automate all of this.

Is there a tool in Figma or some macro, or another producte entirely that can complete this whole process from uploading bulk images and exporting each of them in a standardized format? If so, what’s the best way to set all of this up?

Any advice or assistance here would be so much appreciated!