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Bulk rename isn't working properly

Hey all,

I use bulk renaming pretty often and it saves me a ton of time. Suddenly today it stopped working as smoothly as I recalled. It would automatically highlight the “Rename to” field so that I could start typing, and if I were to add Numbers to it, those would be added at the end of whatever I typed in. Now it doesn’t automatically select the field, and when I add numbers, they’re added in random places (beginning or mid-text). I tried to upload a quick video to demonstrate what’s happening, but it wouldn’t let me.

Also, when the modal first opens and I haven’t yet typed anything, I remember that hitting ESC would close it. Now it just deselects the layers that I’d selected.

Am I imagining stuff here or is there a way I can fix this?

Same bug for me as well. Seems like any keyboard shortcuts triggers actions for outside UI, not the Rename overlay.

Please report bugs to the support team via

Hey, I have a problem with Figma’s Rename feature. When adding ‘Number ascending’ the numbers are added to the beginning of the string rather than the end of the string.

I would add a video but as a new user, I cant…

In the last update when you try to rename multiple elements, it no longer focuses on the input field, you have to manually click into it with the mouse.

Same problem(

Seems like the bug was fixed this morning guys!


When i press ⌘ + R to rename multi layers, the Rename to input should be active so i can input the content directly.

Problem not show anymore.