Bugs in prototype preview (mobile browser only) *Edited

I am conducting user tests, and getting a bug when using a mobile web browser. The page will try loading repeatedly and crash. Yesterday the same prototype was working fine in a mobile browser, and at the moment the same prototype preview is working well in a desktop browser.

On my end, this is quite time sensitive, as I have back to back user tests booked all week.

I get a message that states a problem repeatedly occurred on “…”


Yeah, this has been happening for some time now. Have had problems displaying our prototype on mobile browsers for some time now and the figma mobile app is garbage.

Please sort it out


I am facing the same issue. It’s very critical, as we have held our research because of this. The prototypes are working fine when opened on desktop but whenever we are trying to open it in mobile browser; there is an error saying, “problem repeatedly occurred”


+1 on mobile and tablet

Same problem here! It’s so frustrating.

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My team also experiences this problem on mobile, it’s quite frustrating not knowing if it will work :slightly_frowning_face:.

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Same problem here. It crashes every time I try to scroll a page. :pensive:

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I’m also experiencing bugs and issues when trying to test a prototype. I assume it has something to do with resizing the frame to work on a larger device? The screens are designed to iphone 8 frame size, but I’m testing on an Iphone 10.

I faced the same problem and I cannot run my testings on mobile. There is no problem with the desktop version and the pop-ups open smoothly. It just happens on mobile; either on the Figma Mobile app, Safari or Chrome. Is there anyone from @anon21722796 to answer this thread?

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Facing the same issue and have tried opening the link on both Android and Apple phones using every browser available on them and we are presented with a black screen. Unable to continue with our user testing for mobile view.

It wasn’t working for me, then in the Figma file under the prototype tab I selected a mobile device, shared the prototype again and now it works in Chrome on my mobile browser.

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I am having this same issue as well still. Anyone know of any solutions?

So annoying this issue is still happening. Trying to do both testing and prep my portfolio for website. What’s the point of having embed if it refuses to load or crashes sites. Grr