Bug with set variables? trigger hooked up correctly but just not working

See images. i made a toggle button but when I view prototype the ‘set variables’ don’t change

So you can see that the left and right click have the same triggers and order of triggers, but for some reason, only 1 click changes te variables, but both clicks change the component’s state in the button-bar itself.

To add to the case, when that one click does work, it changes all the fonts of the prices. Maybe that is a clue?

Is this a bug?

This is not a bug. The order of actions matters.

i did, but still not working. i did try that before, forgot to mention.

ah, so this actually work when i stop using the ‘modes’ and hard code the strings

Given that, what did i do wrong? Hmm. sorry!

Submit a bug report to support team.