Bug with Figma file? Some components are overwritten when pulling them from library

Hi everyone!

We are recently having an issue with a Figma file. Whenever I add a component from the library it overwrites some of the component values, like colors or replaces a nested component (e.g. icon). Also some components where not appearing in the list with this file. It felt like it is not updating the lib for this one. But according to Figma everything was updated for this file. It only happens with this file which was created like a week ago. If I try with other files it works fine.

If I create a new file it works. If copy-paste stuffs from the old file to this new one it stops working and compnents get messed up again.

We have lot of work in this file already and it would be nice not to loose progress.

Any ideas what could be the issue?

Yep, same thing I am facing, any idea what is going wrong ?

I’m experiencing the same.
I tried copying the frames into a new file but it happened again in the new file.
I opened another file and copied the frames one by one and after each frame I imported the component that had the problem - that seemed to help because it stopped replacing instances within that component BUT then I noticed that other instances were replaced.