Bug with colors with selection

When I select some objects, the colors become paler. Has anyone noticed similar?


Yes, I did recently. I think it’s related to the color space. I use the Figma app on MacOS on my MacBook connected to an LG Ulrafine5k with a P3 colorspace and whenever I select an object lately it seems the whole colorspace shifts to sRGG or something with less luminance. This is quite annoying.

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Same here. No issues while using sRGB color space though.

I’m using a Dell UP3017 and get this issue since a few days ago regardless of the color space. I tried them all out. The issue does not affect the macbook pro display.

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Hey All,

Thanks for flagging this! Our team is aware of this issue that’s causing colors to change upon selecting/deselecting/hovering certain objects while using multiple displays.

For now, please switch your color space to sRGB. If you’ve done that and you’re still seeing the issue, you can file a bug report here to provide our team that’s working on the fix with more information.


Hi, lately I have an issue with Figma color. When I click on the frame, the whole workspace changes its colors saturation. I did try to restart, update my Figma, and it doesn’t work.

Here is a screenshot of the same Frame when I select and deselect itself. You can easy to see the Figma Page background has been changed. I’m using MacOS Big Sur, I used got this issue on Catalina.

30 second explainer video

This only happens in this particular file for some reason.
Why is this happening and how do I toggle it off?

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Try to change the color space in the desktop app.


It’s the same color profile as my other files.

Very strange behaviour, now I created a new frame and layers and they aren’t consistent with the rest of the file.

Figma section whiteout 2?

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I’ve had this as a minor annoyance for ages, found it was only happening on one monitor not the other so put it down to a monitor hardware effect. But changing to sRGB has solved the issue, thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey, it only happens on my external display as well!
Switching to sRGB worked :slight_smile:

I’m getting a weird color variation whenever I select a frame or any of its child elements
everything inside and outside the frame slightly shifts saturation and brightness

this is happening exclusively on the desktop app
and regardless of the color space option selected

using the web version as a base, it looks like I can trust that the true values are the ones prior to selection

but a drag nonetheless

any thoughts?


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Same here, it happens only on the external display while using the desktop app (MacOS Monterey) whenever I select a frame or a child element. It desaturates the whole screen, not only the frames/layers that are there. Switching to sRGB however, fixes the issue but still I’m curious to find out why this is happening at first place?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I literally just experienced this for the first time too. What a deal breaker for a design tool lol. I also had luck by using my mac laptop running monterey when i want to edit photos. It only happens to photos on my external Dell monitor.
Weird, annoying and needs fixing. I’ll just submitted a ticket.
** Also I just switched my external Dell 4k monitor into ‘Sidecar’ display type in the macos prefs and that solved it too. Must be a color model problem.

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I’m also experiencing this issue on my 27" iMac (2019) and on my Apple Studio Display connected to MacBook Pro - it’s really frustrating. Anyone found a fix?

Im having the same issue. It just started in the last couple days. I installed the latest Figma but no change. This issue is only happening in Figma, not experiencing it in other apps.

Same issue here, also on Apple Studio Display. Very annoying and kind of scary when designing for screens

Same issue here. Apple Studio Display connected to a new MacBook Pro

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