BUG: Variable values erroneously changed by the app

Repro steps:

  • Use Windows Figma Desktop App (Pro version)
  • Open Local Variables widget
  • Create a collection called: “Text Tokens”
  • Inside the collection, create a string variable called: “Axis Parameters/Parameter_Properties”
  • Duplicate this variable twice, such that you have three string variables total. The first is “Parameter_Properties”, the second is “Data_Display” and the third is “Ratio_Denominator”
  • Create new variable modes such that you have four modes total.
  • Name them: “English”, “Japanese”, “German”, “Chinese”, in that order
  • Outside of Figma, open a browser search tab, and retrieve the English-to-Japanese translation for “Parameter Properties”.
  • Copy the translation and paste it into the Parameter Properties:Japanese field. Be sure to use the Japanese script, NOT the alpha-numeric characters.
  • Repeat this process for the translations to German and Chinese Simplified.
  • Repeat the above steps for the “Data Display” and “Ratio Denominator” fields.
  • You should now have three variable values saved in English, Japanese, German, and Chinese Simplified, resulting in 12 total values saved (four per variable).
  • Close the Local Variables widget
  • Close the project tab
  • Reopen the project tab from the Home tab
  • Reopen the local variables widget
  • Observe that some of the Japanese, German, or Chinese values have been changed to the English value - these translations have been permanently overwritten.
  • If you re-enter the values, they will be overwritten again at (seeming) random whenever you close the local variables widget

This overwriting occurs whether or not you close the project tab. I included the project tab step in the repro steps above as it is a reliable means of reproducing the error, however it is not necessary to trigger the bug.

I have not observed a pattern in the specific fields it overwrites, though that doesn’t mean there is not one - I just may not have found it.

Hi there,

Thanks for flagging. I’m checking with our internal team. If I get any updates, I will share with you. Thanks!