Bug setting reaction on mouse_enter not updating the trigger value

Hi I am developing a plugin for Figma to convert whole design to website.
As I was doing the final tests I noticed that when the reaction’s trigger is on mouse_enter, the trigger property of the reaction object is set to an empty object.

You can check this by opening the console and create 2 rectangles with reaction set on mouse_enter and then type in console
and it shows empty object.
Try to change it different trigger then every thing is ok.
This bug is only happening on mouse_enter and mouse_leave
Other triggers working as expected so I think it is a bug
When I show(run) this in Figma it working correctly. if you know how Figma fetches this trigger, let me know please

Hi there,

Thanks for flagging. I will look into this with the internal team and will get back to you when I have any updates. Thanks again.


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Thank you for your prompt response and attention to the reported issue.

After some investigation, I’ve noticed that Figma attempts to set the entire reactions array at once. During this process, it appears there’s a validation step for triggers, and in this validation function, it seems to lack the MOUSE_ENTER and MOUSE_LEAVE types.

I hope this information proves valuable to your internal team for a swift resolution. Your dedication to addressing concerns is greatly appreciated.

We’re having trouble reproducing this. Could you provide either the code or set of steps you’re following to create the reactions?

Yeah sure.

To reproduce the bug, follow these steps:

  1. Create two frames.
  2. Add a navigate reaction from one frame to another with the trigger ‘mouse enter.’
  3. Select the frame with the reaction.
  4. Open the console and type figma.currentPage.selection[0].reactions to log its reactions (there will be only one reaction).
  5. Check the ‘trigger’ property of the reaction object; you will observe that it is empty which shouldn’t be and is a bug.

You can view the bug in action by visiting the following Figma link:
figma file

Thanks! I was able to repro, and will file an internal bug report.