BUG of color selection when using 2+ color libraries included Personal colors

When using 2+ color libraries at the same time and one of that is Personal colors, it is almost impossible to click on the desired color.

  1. Open the color library on the right panel to change the color of the element.
  2. Scroll further from the current location.
  3. Hover over the desired item.
    As a result, when hovering over another color, the window will automatically scroll back to the last selected color.

One and only decision is not use library Personal colors.

@user608 Could you attach a screen recording of what you’re seeing? My team is trying to replicate, but we’re not quite sure what behavior is surfacing for you – thanks for your patience!


I noticed that it only works with one of my libraries. Maybe the problem is that I have a free version, and the library was created 5 years ago. Unfortunately, I cannot share the library itself due to NDA.

Got it - no worries about sharing the library itself.

These may be a couple of weird questions, but has anyone else on your team noticed this happening when they use Figma as well (if you’re not working solo, of course)?

Also, does going to help > troubleshooting > clear cache and restart seem to correct this snappy behavior?

I am the only designer. But the error is no longer there, now the current color is simply not highlighted in personal colors, but it does not appear.