[Bug] Missing fonts - Figma totally messes up with it's default (Google Fonts)


This is so riddiculous! Figma is not recognizing it’s default fonts that are accessible via Google Fonts API. It probably has something to do with opening a project in different environments (Figma desktop app + web app).

The problem looks like that:

  1. I happily progress through the project, create styles etc. (web app)
  2. This is a bigger project so there are other people involved and there can be a case where it might be opened via desktop app.
  3. If I’m using desktop app it is ok, I can continue.
  4. When I try to open the project via web app, I get missing font alert, which want’s me to replace the missing (unrecognized) font with the same (but magically recognized) font.
  5. Replacing the font is not an option as it will drop all of the applied styles. So my team can’t use the web app now?
  6. Fun fact - when I replace those missing fonts (e.g. Bitter with Bitter) and the styles drop I can undo those changes (ctrl+z, text styles are back) and bugmagic I can now edit all of the text layers with applied styles. This works despite still having missing font altert.

Uninstalling the desktop app allowed me to get rid of this problem.

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