BUG - keyboard+clik shortcuts for fill/hug don't work on multiple selection

The option+double click and shift+double click shortcut to set a layer as fill or hug inside an auto layout stack is great, but it doesn’t work on multiple selections. In this screen recording, I option+double click the first layer to set it to fill (which works), but when I select 2 layers and try the same thing, it doesn’t set them to fill, rather, it selects the layer I was selecting.

Please fix :slight_smile:

@RaphG I’m not quite sure what may be the problem here, but I did file a ticket for this to be looked at and addressed if needed.

I don’t have a timeline I can give you, but feel free to respond here with more context, or start a new topic with any other separate feedback.

UPDATE: this is not a feature at the moment – our engineering team has added it to a list of things to work on in the future.

@ksn Thanks! To be clear, this isn’t a feature request, but a request for a current feature (double click + option/control) to work properly on a certain edge case (multiple selection), which I think is the expected behavior.