[Bug] Animated component state changes variants when navigating to another frame

When you link two frames using an interaction e.g. On tap → Navigate to…, there’s a recurring bug:

If the frame contains a component which has an animated transition between two states, it flashes to the next state before the Navigate to… transition happens.

An example:

Frame A contains a progress bar component.

The progress bar component is set up using Smart Animate, which changes from Variant 1 to Variant 2 after a linear transition of x seconds.

I link Frame A to B, which still contains the progress bar component.

Expected behavior:
The current state of the progress bar transition is preserved, and doesn’t instantly change to Variant 2 when the transition between Frame A and B happens.

Actual behavior:
The progress bar component flashes to Variant 2 instantly.

Hi, more complex about your animation, are you using component set for make an animation? Figma have limitation more complex effect, maybe you can use adobe after effect or some tools complex animation like a protopie and jitter