Bringing back custom color libraries into the color swatch picker

I just noticed that the ability to select “custom swatch libraries” in the color picker is no longer there. You used to be able to alternate between “Document colors” and your own libraries directly in the swatches, but it seems this is no longer the case. You can now only select your custom color libraries in a “top nav” toggle, which means you can’t quickly create custom gradients for example from a defined set of colors.

The only way to do this is now to either copy and paste color sets somewhere into your figma file, or memorize hex codes, unless I’m missing something? Anyone else dearly missing this functionality?

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I am experiencing the same thing. We have a set of colors defined and make gradients and stuff from these defined colors. Now we cannot see the color code or anything. I need to go back into the design system file and find the color and then copy it over. Alternatively I have to overwrite my color with my color from the library. Deattach the color, copy paste the hex, go back and select the other color I want to test out and now switch it back to a gradient and hope I do not need to try another colorset. This is a way worse experience than before.

Looks like this functionality was JUST added back in today (7/10/23) but, it’s still missing one tiny (but important) feature that used to be there. In it’s previous life, when you set the swatches to your custom colors, it would stay in that mode no matter how many times you open and closed the color picker. Now every time the color picker is opened and closed it defaults to document colors. Meaning you have to push the drop down every time you want to access your custom colors. Hopefully this will get addressed soon too!!