Branch Not Updating from Main File


Background: Created a branch for annotations from a ~200 screen main file so that UX could work simultaneously as design. The main file contains component screens and uses components from a large UI library.

Issue: Main file screens had to be tweaked but the branch file did not implement the updates across the file. For example, one screen updated the copy but the same screen didn’t update elsewhere in the branch file. There are also minor formatting differences in the branch file (ex. the copy breaks to 4 lines versus 3 lines in the main file) as well as property booleans getting turned on within the branch file.

Any idea on how to solve this? Thank you in advance!


My problems were other way round. Branch merging does not work (spinner merging and returning to main without having the branch merged. Also my colleagues tried with same result. Both app and browser. There were other Figma outages recently, text styled did not work and autolayout appeared broken while the component itself was next day flawless.

This happens to me too. Very minor details (copy, property values) are not updated from main and are thus overriden when I merge the branch.

Is there still no news on the bug? This is unbearable.

Hey All,

The forums are primarily run by the community. Most bugs are case by case and require access to the file(s). You can submit a bug report to our support team directly via the form here: