Borders around image exports (@1.5x)

The initial frame/image is 640x120. I export it 1.5x the size. So it’s 960x180. The image then has odd white borders. Sometimes left, top, bottom, right. Also, the coordinates are integers, with no fractions. Am I missing something?!

I don’t fully understand what your screenshot shows on the right but here is the answer:

The screenshot shows that I use the pixel grid and that the object has an integer size (640x120) as well as the scaled size (960x180). Coordinates of the frame is x:280, y:320 (by 1.5x = x:420, y:480) And still, I get a white border (right). Actually, my post just covers all the points you mentioned!?

Check the last paragraph, it specifically talks about exporting at 1.5x.

Yes, I did. It talks about fractional numbers which can happen if you export at 1.5x…

My case:
Image size: 640x120 exporting at 1.5x = 960x180 no fractional numbers
Coordinates: x:280, y:320 exporting at 1.5x = x:420, y:480 no fractional numbers

I still have a white border.

Hmm that’s weird. Are these the absolute coordinates, and not coordinates relative to the frame for example? In this case it sounds like a bug (if the other behavior somehow isn’t a bug haha) and I suggest you to report it to Figma support team via the bug report form. Send them the Figma file example link and the exported file example.

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