Better support for responsive design

My biggest enemy with figma for web design has always been translating a finite number of screen mockups to a real page that can get infinitely big and small.

To ensure the same content looks just as great in a 4K ultrawide monitor as it does on an iPhone SE from 6 years ago, I try to cover my bases by designing the same screen like 12 different times. 3 screen sizes for 4 breakpoints: desktop, tablet, mobile landscape, mobile portrait.

But this is so tedious. I was hoping the new variables feature would ease my pain but it doesn’t support typography, and I can only have 4 modes, so I can’t even use it to set variables based on screen size.

One of the main reasons responsive design in figma is such a headache is because I personally make heavy use of REM/EM for fonts, and VW/VH/% for basically everything else. Things rarely have a defined pixel size.

Are there any plans to support these in the future?

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Unfortunately this is likely not going to happen.

Figma doesn’t use actual HTML/CSS to render so all those CSS features like media queries, % and responsive units, rems/ems/ etc would have to be rebuilt from scratch by their team.

I think for designers who know HTML/CSS we need to start looking at other tools like Framer or Plasmic that are a lot like Figma but built using actual HTML/CSS rendering. It will take too long for Figma to build those features and I don’t think it is the direction they want to take the tool in.

This could actually be implemented quite simply by adding a style variable.
Each mode for a style variable could be set to reference a specific style in the styles library. This could control font styles properties. This way XL breakpoint could have large fonts, XS could have smaller fonts, etc…

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