Batch update and batch export frames without opening .fig file

Is it possible to update and export frames from multiple files without opening each file?

I have a large set of detailed map graphics. Each map has it’s own dedicated .fig file that includes the frames appropriately set up for export. Each map is made of elements tied to shared color variables and components from a shared library. When I update then publish those variables or components naturally the frames in the working files update but only after I open the file > review updates > update changes > then export all the frames in the file. I’d need to do that for hundreds of files. I’d like to be able to somehow “batch update” then “batch export” these files. Perhaps a plugin?

I understand this can be accomplished by having the entire library of maps in a single .fig file, then export all frames from there at once, but for various reasons I’d like to keep each map as it’s own separate file.

Hi Nic_Stauber,
Thank you for sharing your feedback and your questions on the Forum! I confirm that it’s not possible natively to export frames from multiple files without opening each file.
Still, I can see how this could be helpful for the users, so I switched your topic as a feature request (the community can vote up for this idea). :slightly_smiling_face:

About a plugin for this feature, not sure if we have one, I let the community to advise!