Automatically Create Figma Tutorial of Component with Version History


:bulb: Create a step by step interactive Figma tutorial from a Figma file or component

Similar to:

  • ScribeHow (creates tutorials by tracking what button was clicked in the website) but in Figma


  • create tutorials for a certain component using its version history from contributors (Figma community or others)
  • easily follow step-by-step tutorials of trendy design components in Figma
  • points & highlights which button to click in Figma along with an AI text generated instruction
  • share interactive Figma tutorial with others


  • Increase the number of tutorials, tutors and contributors in Figma
  • Easy access and sharing of tutorials to the public

Market Opportunities

  • easy creation of tutorials meant an increase in number of Figma tutors selling interactive Figma courses possibly on the Figma community or on this “imaginary social platform”

Possible Issues:

  • Unnecessary changes may be recorded and might hinder tutorial process
  • Some changes may be lost in the version history
  • Lack of edit access to version history of file from Figma community or other user

For developers, please share some ideas on how to execute this idea. Thank you in advance.

I’m planning to make a Figma plugin out of this. I don’t know if I can do it, but for those who are looking to code this plugin as well let me help you. I wanna contribute.


  • an aspiring product designer and entrepreneur
  • experience in Full stack web development

Chat me so i can tell you how i can help developing this