Autolayout frames defaults to "Fill" instead of "Hug"

So a weird bug is happening to me.

The scenario:

I have an autolayout object (Red) Set to hug/hug.
The inner shape is a fixed size random object.

Once i grab this object and place it into another autolayout frame, then it turnos into fill/hug

I often meet this bug, and it does not happen to every autolayout frame, so im in the quest to find what causes it.

When i encounter this, my usual workaround is to wrap the red object with a regular frame, then move it into the autolayout container, and then dismiss the regular frame.
That way it keeps being hug/hug.

You will find a replica object in green, which i created the same way as the other, but that one behaves as expected and does not change to fill on any axis.

Did you ever encounter this?
Do you have a solution?
Can you help me find out?

Thanks in advance!

Ok, solved the thing but keeping the post just for help.

Turns out Autolayout frames have “memory”.
I added a stepped guide with a purple rectangle that would behave correctly when dropped into an autolayout frame, but when following the steps it gets as bad as red rectangle.

In short: When you set an object inside an autolayout frame to be “fill / fill” and then you drag it out of that object, it can no longer be “Fill/Fill” so it is set to “Fixed/Fixed”.
At this point Figma should reset this frame status and forget his “Fill/Fill” past.
But no, Figma is not going to do that. It will remember, it will never forget.

Guys, we need to learn to let things go…

After that, when you are thinking nothing is wrong, you drop the “Fixed/Fixed” rectangle into a new Autolayout Frame, and just like my EX Karen did, it brings back that “Fill / Fill” past that no one was asking for, and messes everything up.

Please Figma fix this bug, and while you are at it, all our broken relationships :slight_smile:

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You should report this as a bug. Even if the behavior is consistent, it’s gonna feel inconsistent for the user since it’s not communicated well enough.

Not coummunicated well enough?

The fact that the frame has “memory” is not communicated to the user, causing confusion.

Oh, i see!

I did already report the thing as a bug,