Autolayout component with strikethrough

Hello Figma brains,

I am an experienced Figma user and I’ve been able to break the rules with Figma to design some pretty cool auto-layout components for ease of use and responsiveness. BUT, this one I don’t think I can break so going to see if anyone else can figure this one out. I might actually be overthinking this and it’s actually a simple process LOL.

Currently, I’ve designed this size button. It’s responsive and works perfectly.

But now I want to add another variant which shows a “disabled/out of stock” state. Usually I would just grey this out to make it look disabled but for this particular component I want to have a strike-through. I want it to still remain in auto-layout and still be as responsive as my other ones. Usually I would do this differently (add the strikethrough as an image but responsiveness isn’t quiet as good haha). The strike-through is behind the text and behind the border in this design.

Again, I’m probably overthinking this.

Any help is appreciated!

Should be easy mate. Place your line inside the button and make it absolute. Set constraints. Done

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Legend! Forgot about positioning absolute!