Autolayout Bug


I built the following autolayout:
which should look like so:

The outer autolayout has a fixed height and width. All the inner layers/autolayouts are set to width & height: fill.

But here is what I actually get:

And if I change the size of the outer autolayout it changes to something like that:

It behaves strangely like so:

Here is a link to a draft with the bugged autolayout: Figma Draft (read only)

I’m pretty sure this is a bug, but if I did something wrong I would be glad to get some help.

Kind Regards

Hi Philipp,

Thanks for reaching out and thank you for sharing your file!

It seems like ‌unexpected behavior. Would you mind reaching out to the technical quality team to file a ticket via this form: ?
It would be very helpful with the link to the file, so that our team can take a closer look from there.

Thanks for your patience!


Done. Hope this will help!

Hi, thanks for filling out the form!
I’ve spotted your ticket in our backend. Appreciate your patience in the meantime.