Auto layout - wrapping doesn't work

The case scenario I got is having a block of text that is my title and underneath I got a series of images.
If I just use Wrap on the main frame the images won’t stay on the same line. Therefore I created a sub-auto layout with just the images but then they don’t stack anymore when I resize.
See pics

Thanks to whoever understand why it doesn’t work

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but maybe you need to set the horizontal resizing on the image auto layout to fill? E.g.

Thanks! It works now but I had to remove the auto layout wrap from the main frame otherwise it was stacking them horizontally.

What’s the purpose of the wrap on the main frame? If you want the title to go across (full width), you can use a “regular” vertical auto layout.

I thought (wrongly) that it was the only way to get the elements to fall down.

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