Auto Layout with Offsetting Columns

I have seen at least one post about this from a while back, but has anyone been able to accomplish an auto-layout with some columns missing? For instance, I have 5 fields that I want to lay out in columns. I want something like the following:


And I want both of the auto-layout containers to fill their parents across the entire body. The first row doesn’t seem possible with today’s auto-layout not allowing percentages.

Am I missing this or is it something that exists? I feel like this is a critical feature of auto-layouts.

Not possible, but you can workaround with empty frame or rectangle to fill the gap

Yea, that is what I do today, but it sucks having to use a spacer in a modern design application that just rolled out wrapping and other new features for the auto-layouts but haven’t fixed this really important one. Who doesn’t do column layouts where sometimes you want something to only go across 1 or 2 of the columns?