Auto Layout Nested Design for Icons and Text

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I’ll get straight to the point, how do you recreate this icon alignment here in Google settings using 1 nested Auto Layout group, or is it not possible without separating them? (Because that’s what I did to achieve the desired result) Though I was wondering if it is actually possible to do it with Auto Layout alone for future use.

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You just need to give more negative space around regular icons. Let’s say G is 32px and the icon is 24, just wrap each icon with a frame, give it 4px padding on each side and now you have it

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I meant I was looking for a way for the icon on the left to be aligned to the text “search history - saving” as shown on the right example, while the text “Search history” etc is also Auto-Layout grouped with the line divider and “Delete last 15 mins” text


You could use auto-layout to build the whole thing, but would need multiple auto-layout elements.

I put together a quick example where everything is using auto-layout and elements are positioned through spacing and padding. I also created an “option” component to be reused for the similar Icon+Text elements, that way I can just make tweaks to that component versus having to adjust each element separately.

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Thanks, seems like I was going about it the wrong way. Positioning it with padding was a nice touch.

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