Auto layout behaving inconsistently and seems buggy in Slides

I have a bar chart frame that uses nested levels of auto layout, and it behaves differently in Figma Design and Figma Slides. It also exhibits seemingly buggy behavior in Slides. In Design, I can resize the parent frame (which has fixed dimensions) however I want and the child frames retain the correct auto layout properties. When I resize the same element in slides, as soon as I try to resize it in any direction the auto layout settings change from “fixed” to “hug” on the parent frame and the frame can no longer be resized in any way.

Any ideas on what’s happening here? I can create a bug report if that would be helpful.

Hello @Brian_Saunders, Thank you for pointing this out.

After escalating this to our internal team for investigation, we have determined that this is the expected behavior in Slides mode to ensure that children nodes are never larger than parent nodes.
However, there will be Figma Design treatment in Design mode and a fix is coming for that.

Thank you once again for your help!