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Are there efficient ways of converting low fidelity wireframes to high fidelity quickly?

Hi, I just started using Figma and I am wondering if there are any efficient ways of converting my low fidelity wireframes to high fidelity as quickly as possible (just in case I get in a tight deadline with the client). Thank you!


If you built your wireframes as a design system (using components) then you can easily duplicate your project and start customizing your components to match your UI theme.

It might get a little tricky if you didn’t. But as a next step you might wanna consider re-building your mockups out of a solid wireframing kit which you are then easily able to convert into production ready mockups.

Try Wirefigma. The structure of the components is very simple so you are able to make quick overrides and customize the components as much as you need. You will end up having your wireframes and your production mockups built out of the same kit (build the wireframes, customize the mockups) and from then on making changes to any of them should be lightning fast and easy.