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Apply changes button disabled when updating from main

Hi there,

I’m trying to update from main to one of my branches. There are 3 conflicts. After I resolved them and went to the next page where it shows all the other non-conflicting changes, the Apply changes button is disabled for me. I can’t click on any of the changes/layers in the right preview pane either. Am I doing anything wrong here? Would appreciate any help or pointers!


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Also is there a way to skip other non-conflicting changes from main? I pulled in those non-conflicting changes but somehow it thinks those changes were made in the branch and showed up as branch changes in the review and merge dialog.

Same for me here. Help!

Same for me. Stuck with an update

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late response! Are you editors on the branch? If not, then you won’t be able to apply updates, even if they are available.
Otherwise, please DM me your file URLs and share them to

Thanks for your patience!

Also, updating from main does require pulling in non-conflicting changes as well. But, it isn’t expected to see them “double-counted” when you merge them back into main. Let me know if the problem persists! Otherwise, we can investigate your file via DM.