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App freezes when trying to mirror a screen

Hey! Been using the mobile beta app for a while and love it.

several days ago, it just stopped working though. The app will work, and even show me my files and such, but when I try and actually mirror my screen, it looks like it is trying to load, but stops and shows a black screen with my white (iOS) home bar at the bottom. (ios 15.2, iPhone 11 Pro Max)

The app will then freeze and wont show anything, nor respond to taps or trying to get into the menu.

This has happened every single time in the past several days that I have tried.
I also tried downgrading to an older build, and also just using the normal Figma Mirror (non beta) app, which also does the same thing.

Anyone else having this issue?


EDIT: Restarted phone, deleted and reinstalled the app. Now when I click Mirror my screen, the correct screen will appear, however after about a second, it freezes and wont scroll. Have to hard-close the app to get it to do anything.