API methods to manage library swapping


  • A team is working on a master design file with a master theme and component libraries. The master design file component are published for use within brand designs.
  • The team needs to generate brand designs from that master design, that are composed of instances linked to the master design.
  • Each brand has its own theme and component libraries that are used to customise colour, typography and components like headers and footers.
  • The team needs to swap the theme and component libraries for every page of the brand design (to update components and typography)

As a designer working on multiple brands,
I want to be able to automate swapping libraries across ALL the pages of a design file
So that I don’t have to spend hours going through each page manually swapping libraries from the master design theme to the brand design theme.

As a developer of a plugin to increase productivity for teams working on multiple brands,
I want to be able to automate library swapping within files across multiple pages
So that library swapping productivity and accuracy are greatly increased

Given I have a design file that uses the master theme,
When I run the “Library Swap” plugin and set which library I want to swap from and to,
Then the API methods will swap the libraries across all pages within the design file

API methods needed include:

  • select libraries
  • select styles, components, etc.
  • map styles, components, etc.
  • swap libraries on single page (map selected, or map all)
  • swap libraries on all pages (map selected, or map all)