Anyone can add "edit" permission - limit to admins across all plans

Every editor of a file currently can invite whoever they want to edit the file, which cost a lot, and is actually not necessary (for example - designers invite developers as editors).
I want to limit the permission to invite new editors - only to admins.


@Neta_Yardeni This is not a feature available at this time. Any user with editor access has the ability to invite users to the files they have access to and there isn’t a way to restrict sharing unless subscribed to an Organization or Enterprise plan.

That said, if a user has view access, they can only invite someone to view; they can’t invite them to be an editor.

However, as mentioned above: if a user has editor access, they can grant someone view, or edit access.

I’d suggest adding monthly reminders before the invoice date, to check the team’s editor count, so you can be sure you are only charged for the users that should have edit access

See this page for additional info: Share files and prototypes

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+1 on Neta’s request. Restricting editor-inviting to Admins only is very important for organizations.

The current model is a very bad Admin experience. We have a lot of people in our company. A subset are designers, on teams with A LOT of non-designers. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Hundreds of non-designers request edit access from a designer who’s not an admin.
  2. The PMs and Engineers don’t realize they are making a financial request and the rank and file designers don’t know that they are granting a financial request. They think they are just allowing their teammates to collaborate on their designs.
  3. Then Admins are put in BAD situations:
    3a. We might then see a HUGE Figma bill because most “editors” aren’t designers and don’t need edit access. We are responsible for that bill.
    3b. OR we have to play bad guy and remove edit access from people who maybe/probably don’t need it. Removing access rubs people the wrong way. It’s much better to not grant it in the first place.
    3c. Since we don’t have time to talk to hundreds of users to find out if they actually need editor access, Admins make mistakes. Admins shouldn’t have to be anal about checking & removing people regularly.

A setting to restrict “grant-editor” access to only Admins would fix all of this.


Totally agree with the issue with the previous posts. Vote + !

+1 Must have option, “Ask to edit” is visible to every viewer and it is time consuming to decline every time requests.