Any way to customize right side bar and add plugin controls there?

I have created a plugin for Figma for our styling needs but given that our designers work with large files, it is not very convenient for them when the plugin takes up precious screen space as they try to navigate their design. I was wondering if it is possible to move the functionality of your plugin to the right sidebar as one of the options along with Design, Prototype, and Code. That way, designers can access the functionality of the plugin from the right-hand bar without having to open the plugin which takes up screen space. See the screenshot for reference.

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Hey @Jon_Doe,

Thanks for the feedback!

This isn’t possible, but we’ve updated your question to a feedback/feature request. We’ll pass this info along to our team for consideration and gauge interest from the community through the Votes.

Thank you so much, @dvaliao

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You’re welcome! Don’t forget to also Vote for your own idea! :point_up:

Why can’t the right side bar expand like the left side bar?