Animation plugin that supports background GIFs?

We have a design where we are using an animated GIF as a fill for the background of the frame to simulate video playing. On top of it, we want to animate some interactions that require timeline animations but all plugins I’ve tried so far such as Motion, Aninix and Figmotion export the background GIF as still image.

Are there any animation plugins that support playing GIFs, or maybe some other methods to get this done through any third party software that has proper support for fig files?

Hello @Svarry ,

If you want to show animated gif for background, just insert an animated gif and it will be animated in prototype.

For the more advanced timeline animations, you might check if Figma’s Smart Animate could perhaps solve it for you.

Hi Jan, that’s what we’re doing right now, the question was about next steps, whether there’s any advanced animation plugin that supports playing GIFs as fills. We do not use smart animate because it is not optimised for overlapping animations.

Ahh I see, sorry I misunderstood the part about simple animations.

I’m not aware of any plugins that can help you.