Animation is missing in prototype section

Hello, I am learning Figma and trying to use the animation option but it’s not available under the prototype section? What can I do?

Hello Gvantsa_Lomsadze! Thanks for reaching out to the community. I recommend you to have a look to our Help Center article for Prototype animation and also our Guide to Prototyping in Figma.

This is what I mean: Animation is not available at all. Could not find a solution of this issue

Hey there, you have to set first an interaction (by clicking first to the “+” next to the interaction), and then apply the animation.
In order to Create interactions and animations, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Prototype tab in the right sidebar
  2. Add interactions
  3. Set interaction details
  4. Apply an animation
  5. Preview your animation

Example animation sets:

As explained in my previous message, please follow this Guide to prototyping in Figma to start to prototype: Hope it helps!