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Animate text input


I’d like to animate a text input box, as if the user was typing something.
See this gif for example: Dropbox - hello.gif - Simplify your life
(I just want to animate the text, not to allow the user to really type something).

I can’t find an easy way to do that.

Do you have any idea?

Thanks for your help

There is no easy way to achieve this, but you may find this interesting:

Thanks Andrei. But I believe that’s a sort of “real” text input. I just want to animate a text actually, letter by letter.
The only way I found to do that is to create one overlay per letter … which is fastidious …

I don’t think you can achieve this in Figma, unfortunately.
@Gleb made something similar to animating an input field with this:

I have no idea how it’s made, though. :frowning_face:

bad luck. Thanks anyway for your help!