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Android prototype bug

Hi @Figma and all other designers interested,

I’m encountering a bug when I preview my prototype on my Android phone (latest version Chrome). I’ve set up a demonstration here, but essentially when preview the prototype on my phone I click an interactive element AND there’s another interactive element in the same location on the linked screen, this is immediately also clicked. In this demo you click “Go to Screen 2”, then Screen 2 briefly flashes before you’re taken back to Screen 1.

This issue does NOT occur when I preview the prototype on my desktop OR on an IOS device.

Also attached is documentation of the bug recorded from Browserstack: demonstration of the bug in Android and proof that it works in IOS.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? @Figma If it’s a bug could you give a hint at when this issue is fixed?



Ah! Yes that seemed to cause the issue. Thanks for the heads up.

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