An Object Inside Of A Component is Stretched On The Prototype

Hey, so i have a problem here where i designed a drop down field where the user can add up to 5 more dropdown fields. the main component works perfectly fine, but then when i combined the drop down component into another bigger component, the drop down design is stretched when i checked the prototype.

but then if i take it out of the bigger component and try the prototype individually, it works perfectly fine. anyone knows why? and how to solve this? hopefully i explained it well enough for u guys to understand my problem. sorry if its a little confusing

here is what it’s supposed to look like. this works if I take the drop down component out of the combined component

Hi there,

Thanks fore the post. Regarding the duplicate components, are you using nested instance? If it’s the case, the issue could be the same with this case: I hope the comments would be helpful. To get the nested instances to resize, you can add auto layout on each variant.

I might be misunderstanding, so Please let me know if I’m missing any additional points! If you can’t solve it, could you share the file link?