Allow text styling within string variable property

We want to use string variables for translation handoffs.
It is common in our projects that we use long text elements, that have mixed styles (adding links, adding bold to key phrases). When we add variables to text, the font style is “flattened” when switching modes.
We can create text with HTML tags like “Hello <‘b1’>World<‘/b1’>” (b1=semibold equivalent of the font style used) so our devs know where to style the text, but it makes it difficult for us to evaluate visual aspects of our texts (like “Is the text not too busy? there’s to many bolded words”).

It would be great to have a tool that can do both: add font styles to strings, and render them at the same time.


Oh yes please!

Very much! I’m creating keys with a plugin at the moment and my texts in design look awful with placeholders and text styling, e.g., [%s:sourcesCount] sources