Allow scoping of find + replace tool to a specific selected frame or set of content

Unless I’m missing something it’s not possible to use the Find tool to search for text within a specific selected frame, you can only search an entire page.

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Hi Dan_Littler, thanks for reaching out to the community! Yes, if you are searching for a specific text, they will search in an entire page, and not within a specific selected frames:

I’ve gone ahead and switched your topic as a Feature request, so others in the community can also vote up your idea. Thank you!

I am posting this to re-open the need for the ability to find and replace strings and sub-strings ONLY WITHIN THE SCOPE OF THE CURRENT SELECTION. This would be an incredibly valuable feature for me, and given that this topic seems to have come up and been closed at least twice before (without resolution?), I am not the only one who needs this. Thank you!

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I just posted a request for the same thing (since this topic did not come up when I searched): Find and Replace Within a selection

Count me in as requesting this as well!

Hey @Matt56, thanks for sharing it! I’ve gone ahead and merged your topic with this existing topic to help reduce duplicates here on the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


(you’re doing a great job btw)