Allow multiple payment methods

My company issues virtual credit cards that are either monthly or annual. Your billing process charges a fee annually, as well as every month so I need to charge those to different payment methods, but I can’t see a way to add more than one in my settings.

I really don’t want to have to deal with having to remember to come in and change a payment method for the annual fee.

Could you please make it possible to use multiple payment methods?

@Soumya_Nagesh just to clarify a bit:

When you’re being billed both annually and monthly, are you being billed for your set amount of seats thru the annual cost, and then the additional seats you add every month when you share edit access to users that are not part of your org/team?

I want to check if that usage is intentional on your end, or if there’s possibly some billing issues.

I find your billing model hard to understand, to be honest. I am charged an annual fee for a set number of seats, and those same seats + any additional seem to also be included in the monthly.

We do not share edit access with users who are not part of our team, as far as I’m aware.

Hmm…if that’s the case, I think there’s a billing issue happening in your instance. If you’re getting charges monthly, this indicates that there are additional seats being added to your org that aren’t covered by your annual fee.


If you have an annual payment for 10 seats, those 10 seats are covered for the year.

If you (or someone else in your org that has edit access to a file) share file access to someone that’s not part of those 10 seats, you’ll be charged an additional fee for every other user that was given permission to edit files in your organization. This is the monthly fee you’re receiving.

Unfortunately, I can’t confirm any of this directly on my end. I’d highly recommend filling out this form here and having someone on the support team look at the charges you’re incurring. They can provide more clarification + correct any billing issues on their end:

We need at LEAST one more payment method like paypal and that would solve allot of issues with people not wanting of can’t apply for a credit - card.

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